Administrative Experiences

Graduate Research Assistant to the Dean of the Graduate School, University of Louisville, 2009-2011. In this position, I helped the Dean, Dr. Beth Boehm, develop a university-wide initiative known as “The PLAN,” which was designed to help graduate students develop professionally, enhance life skills, succeed academically, and learn networking skills (P.L.A.N). While learning how to establish and promote new services and programs in the university, I also extensively used and further enhanced my technological skills. While developing and launching the initiative, I had the opportunity to hone a range of skills: research, program development, assessment, design and implementation, archival of materials, and marketing and promotion of the program and specific events. Specifically, I

  • Conducted research, helped develop programs, and assisted with the establishment of the PLAN initiative for graduate students’ professional development
  • Worked with students, faculty, and administrators from across the university, learning how to pool expertise and resources, creating opportunities for professional development of graduate students
  • Developed content and assisted with design and maintenance of the PLAN initiative website
  • Gathered and documented program data, analyzed and presented results, produced and documented annual project reports and promotional materials
  • Developed, organized and led the presentation of three PLAN workshops along with other students from different disciplines
  • Assisted the Dean with various other day to day activities for the PLAN initiative

Assistant Director, Composition Program (Consultant for College of Business), University of Louisville, 2009-10. In this position, I promoted and increased service usage by two-fold among students, and invited faculty members who were using the consultation service for proofreading their work to conversations about writing consultation as a broader service. While gaining a significant amount of administrative experience and developing an interest in writing and research in and across the disciplines, I

  • Consulted with student and faculty writers
  • Presented writing skill workshops in the classroom upon faculty members’ request
  • Collaborated with some of the faculty members for integrating and teaching writing skills into their courses
  • Developed and provided resources for student writers on the consultant’s website
  • Added group consultation at flexible hours by using Skype conferencing and synchronously editable web documents
  • Digitized existing resources and documented my service as resource for future assistant directors in this position

Assistant Director, University Writing Center, U of Louisville, Louisville, KY, Aug. 2007- 2008. Invited to serve as an AD by the Director, I worked in this position during the second year of my master’s program. This position gave me the opportunity to build a sound basis for future administrative services, while I

  • Developed resources for writers and also made them available on the WC website
  • Consulted with clients in the Writing Center, with a focus on multilingual writers
  • Consulted in and helped further develop the Virtual Writing Center (VWC)
  • Gave classroom presentations for students and workshops for faculty and staff
  • Created and maintained the Writing Center website
  • Set up a mechanism for clients to make their own appointments using TutorTrac
  • Wrote administrative manuals for future graduate assistants
  • Mentored and participated in the training of new consultants, developed resources for the VWC, and assisted the Director with the promotion of WC services and with other day to day activities

Consultant, University Writing Center, U of Louisville, Louisville, KY, Aug. 2006 – Aug. 2007. Working as part of my GTA-ship at the WC, I did the following work:

  • Consulted with WC clients including students, faculty members, and university staff
  • Supported the Director by adding and updating resources for writers
  • Conducted research on consultation session using peer observation, closed vertical transcription, and theoretical scholarship on significant issues of consultation
  • Added and updated useful handouts for writers/clients

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