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Alongside research and teaching that I do at the intersection of writing in the disciplines, graduate-level writing/communication support, and academic transition support to nonnative English speakers, I have done workshops and lectures for graduate students and faculty members at universities across the US and in other countries. Here are some areas I’ve covered over the years:

Workshops for International Graduate Students

  • US classroom culture: Graduate-level writing and how it is done
    (or “A good TOEFL score in writing isn’t enough”)
  • Strategic reading in graduate school
    (or “How do locals read so fast?”)
  • Avoiding plagiarism: Understanding knowledge cross-culturally
    (or “Let us talk about unintentional plagiarism”) 

Academic Writing Workshops for All Graduate Students

  • Making reading-to-writing connections in graduate school  
    (or “The lit review is not a summary of current research”)
  • Academic publication: Navigating the process behind the product
    (or “Tips and tricks for getting published”)
  • Communicating specialized knowledge
    (or “It’s not just dumbing it down”)

Professional Development Workshops for Graduate Students

  • Writing the research statement 
    (or “Using past achievements to describe a research mission”) 
  • Writing the teaching (philosophy) statement
    (or “Identifying your strengths and passion as a teacher”)
  • Writing the cover/job application letter 
    (or “Responding to ‘what they need’ with ‘what I have'”)
  • Social media and networking skills for the academic job market 
    (or “Curating your strengths and achievements strategically through the web”
  • Professional communication, American style (for int’l grad students)
    (or “Learning more about the local society and culture once again”)

Workshops for Faculty across the Disciplines  

  • Academic transition support for international graduate students
    (or “There’s a lot more than language issues”) 
  • Accessible teaching: Engaging international graduate students
    (or “It’s all about the terms of engagement”)
  • Integrating writing into graduate curriculum
    (or “Five-minute tasks for teaching and promoting writing skills”) 

I can be reached via this form for questions and requests for workshops/lectures.


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