1. Alumi Fellow of the Year (Graduate School), University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, 2021.
  2. Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Faculty Service, State University of New York system, 2021
  3. Honorable Mention, Knowledge Advancement Award (Writing Support for International Graduate Students: Enhancing Transition and Success), Conference on College Composition and Communication, 2020.
  4. Best Book Award, won by the edited collection which included “Unraveling Colonial Hegemonies: Scholarship and Teaching with Rhetorical Traditions from South Asia.” (Rhetorics Elsewhere and Otherwise: Contested Modernities and Decolonial Visions. Eds. Romeo García, Damián Baca, 2019).
  5. Bill Godfrey Teaching Excellence Award (Humanities), College of Arts and Sciences, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY, Apr. 2017.
  6. Spirit of Diversity Award, Career Center, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY, Apr. 2016.
  7. John R. Binford Memorial Awardfor Excellence in Graduate Studies (conferred at the Doctoral Commencement Ceremony), University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, Dec. 2012.
  8. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award, Association of American Colleges and U., Washington D.C., Jan. 2012.
  9. Barbara Plattus Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching, English Depart., U of Louisville, Apr. 2011.
  10. Alice Barns Award for Outstanding Achievements in MA, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, Dec. 2008.
  11. Nepal Bidya Bhusan, National Academic Excellence Gold Medal, Royal Palace, Kathmandu, Nepal, Mar. 2000.

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