1. This seems like a beginning of a great conversation. The passion for learning stemming out of deep insight and realization that “teachers are not people who have completed learning” should make one a great teacher indeed. What an epiphany, what an of inspiration… ! A sheer pleasure to read.

  2. Thank you, dear friend. The idea that I am trying to express in this post is a very deeply inspiring one, but your kind words are even more inspiring. This is the power of the network!

  3. hey Shyam, I’ve had this page open for a couple of days but only just read it right after our twitter chat (I’m not sure why you call it summit 😉 we have been going to different twitter events, I guess!) – but I really enjoyed it and obviously like you I relish the opportunities for online professional development – it’s like you said, not to replace f2f, it is something different from f2f. Not the poor second cousin, but a completely different thing, I thought. I was just thinking about this today and I’ll blog about it sometime soon.. what is it that makes people like us thrive on these online opportunities for interaction even though we have full personal and professional lives? People often ask “when do you have time for all this?” and “don’t you have a life?” – and we both know the answer to that question – we don’t sleep :o)) haha

  4. Didn’t have much to say when I first read your comment, Maha. (Thank you as well, Uttam). But I think you are right that our professional development through social media is not a “poor second cousin” but an essential part of the big picture. I guess whenever I talk critically about technology, I am responding to all the hype mongers rather than the technologies themselves– which, in their own ways, are a blessings in our professional lives. Indeed, educators across vast distances like you and me (and also those who part after working together for years/decades, like many of my colleagues in Nepal) wouldn’t be able to gain so much from professional networking without these wonderful mediums.

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