1. Thank you for joining the #clmooc community. It seems you have seen many changes in your life, and still you keep what is important: the creating, the conversations, the communities (online and off).

  2. This is a perfect kind of Make on a few levels. First, though, welcome to the CLMOOC. It’s great to have you here. Your theme makes a lot of sense as we have been talking about a Domain of One’s Own as one of the cornerstones of the Open Web, hoping that people find niches where they can share interests AND server spaces where they can write and reflect.
    And, I love the fire truck, too.
    Thanks for being with us on this journey this summer.

  3. Wow that’s a great fire truck you made! that’s partly what I love about these types of moocs, where you make and play – it is really fun to involve your kids, and do something with them together. And you’d be surprised how doing it can stimulate your creativity and prompt new ways of looking at things. glad you’ve joined the clmooc train. I have a pretty good idea what I’m going to make (and it will be edcontext themed!) but probably won’t get a chance to start til towards the end of the week : )

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